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in case you’ve missed me…i’ve been blogging over at jordenandkristin.blogspot.com

i doubt i’ll post here anymore so change your reader subscription and check in with me there!!! :)


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Go here and read all about how in ONE WEEK i’ll be a married woman!!!

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Do A Little Dance

I love musicals. Really, I do. But mostly, I love the idea of being out in public with your friends, or even walking down the street with complete strangers and then, at THAT instant, everyone breaks into the same song and dance. To me, that is very cute. I know it could never work like that in real life, but wouldn’t that be fun? I came across this video while avoiding getting out of bed and facing the day and let me tell you, I would have been nearly in heaven had I been there on that day! Yes, I know it was totally set up and planned, but SO fun!

Alright, now that i’m done, i have stuff to do!

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I just checked the 10 day forecast and I’m not happy about it. Not at all. picture-2Come on! Seriously! How hard is it to have sunny and 80 for May 3 and 4? I am really really praying for nice weather all weekend because the last time my family was here for my graduation (highschool) there was no power the entire time they were here becuase there had been a tornado and so everything was soggy, trees were down everywhere, and of course we had 13490230 people staying at our house with no power so even the toilets were out of commision! it was awful! So this time around, I’d really like some lovely weather! Preferably no rain and no humidity!

I’m starting to realize that for the most part, I’m pretty good at managing my stress and keeping things under control. This past week, people have been noticing that I’m stressed and they don’t know how to deal with it! I, then feel bad becuase I feel like a neusance but at the same time I can’t help but think, the wedding is 8 days away! Can that really not wait for 10 more days?!?!?! I hate being selfish and nagging someone to do something they promised they would do, or at least follow up with it so I have taken on a lot more tasks than I wanted to. Which really bums me out because that means there are several DIY little detail touches that I wanted to do that I just dont think I’ll have time for. Urg.

Tomorrow my amazing ex-roomie and one of my BFF’s arrives in town and will be here until after the wedding which is wonderful because she is an absaloute doll and knows just how to keep my stress levels to a minimum! She will be so helpful for this next week in doing the little details that just dont seem to be getting done! Yay! I cannot wait to see her and just relax and watch friends and enjoy laughing with someone who laughs as hard (or harder!) than I do while watching it!

Alright, I’m exhausted, so exhausted that the room is beginning to spin…probably not a good thing! Night all!  Keep your fingers crossed that the weather changes directions drastically before the 3rd because I’m not wearing a jacket to my wedding!

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ohhh my

today is dead friday at my school. dead friday means there is no school, no homework due (supposidly), and no exams. we’re all supposed to study and prepare for exams but most people take today to do our schools mini tri-atholon or go shopping or work. i love that school is almost over. i hate that i still have two summer classes to do but part of me just doesnt care and i’m ready to take them on the day after we get back from our honeymoon! i def need to apply. oops.

my dear friend monica arrives on sunday and i cannot wait! she came a *week* early to help me prepare for the wedding and help do all the little time consuming stressful things that i just no longer have patience for! i love her to death for coming out from cali to do this for me!

jorden had his bachelor party last night which he was thrilled about! i talked to him about 2am this morning as i was crawling into bed and he said they were no where near going to bed. last night when he got there they hung out at his best mans house and all his groomsmen (minus the siblings) just hugn out and relaxed and played video games. i guess they went out and about the city then came back and were having a fire when i called. today their plan is to go golfing, lunch, then to a shooting range. jorden’s in heaven!

while he was out and about having fun my room went from mine to hardly mine and by the end of today it will be a boring empty room with just enough clothes to make it through this week! it’s kinda sad. my mom is shooing me out so that she can get it all clean and everything for my grandma to stay here starting thursday. which means, starting thursday, i get to stay in our new apartment!! i’m so excited about this!

i have two stupid finals on monday, complementry wellness and reasoning with functions. then monday afternoon is my friend pam’s daughters first birthday. i got her the cutest little dress about 5 months ago and cannot wait to see her in it! plus, i have the cutest gift bag that looks like a monster with fuzzy blue hair and all! adorable.

anyway, my plan was to be up by 830 and completely empty out my room but im still in bed and its 930 becuase i’ve been lurking around the blog world and laughing at some of these blogs i love! i suppose i should get up and get going becuase i have to be at work at 11. i’m loading up my car with everything that is already packed to take with me to work then when i get off work at 7 im going to our apartment to unlaod it all and organize everything. plus, i still need to hang the curtains in the kitchen!!

i hope your “dead” friday is as wonderful as mine is shaping up to be! :)

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i’m a day away from being done with my classroom college classes.  that is nuts to think about! very exciting, and very scary at the same time! This evening we had a class video shoot for our pinning ceremony. We were going to answer different questions like “Why did you become a nurse?” and “What’s your favorite memory from being here?” Well, a bunch of my classmates got really upset becuase 1, they had no “good” reason for becoming a nurse, and 2, they had no favorite memory from college. That made me so sad. Seriously, how can you spend 4 years at a school, and hate all 4 years?! I had so much fun during the last 4 years…

– I spent a year as a student missionary in India

– I met my fiance

-I played a bazillion intrumural games

-Survived 3 years of dorm living (which were more fun than anything!)

-Met and made some amazing friends.

-Went on some great trips, Puerto Rico, Cozumel, Egypt etc thru school.

-Learned about stuff I have always loved.

-Discovered just exactly what it is that I want to be when I “grow up”

-Grown spiritually more than I could have imagined

This list could go on and on. I have loved my college experience. I really am looking forward to being done and moving on to being “Holly Housewife”!

I have a lot to do between now and next Monday so I need to get crackin!!!

By the way, today, my blog is one! YAY! Too bad I can’t throw a party for it like my friend is for her adorable baby…check this out! :)

nats-11I designed that for her instead of packing (sorry mom!) so I gues ssomeone around here will be getting some one year love around here! :)

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Can I just show you a snippet of what I’m super proud of?!?!?!?!?!

img00088My new, made by me, kitchen curtains!!!!!!

I went to jo-ann’s yesterday with my new sister and we were looking for material to redecorate her room and i found this material on sale for .99 a YARD!!! oh yes. I snatched that up and got me 3.5 yards. I then discovered that the buttons were 2 for the price of 1 on that particular size/brand. I bought 12. (they came in packs of 3. The ribbon is left over from the wedding and I had black thread. Total cost came to just about 6.00 and took me about 2 hours to assemble!!!!

I have a plan for the curtain rod and curtain hooks (you know, those things you have hooked to the wall that you pull the curtains into…) and when it’s all finished, I’ll post much better, not-off-my-phone pictures!! :)

Alright, i’m done bragging! Into bed I go! :)

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